Bring Laura Back – New Novel Now Available in the Amazon Kindle Store

Mark and Rachel Sullivan move into their first home together. It’s the end of spring with summer just starting. And the eclectic bedroom community of Kinner Springs, just a short drive west of Nashville, looks like the perfect place for them to settle down and start a family.

Then their first weekend living there, both come awake in the dead of a Sunday night to find three teenagers breaking into the utility shed in their back yard. What seems at first a relatively harmless intrusion by a group of kids needing a hangout soon escalates into something more sinister.

One of the kids—a lithesome, mischievous, teenaged girl—comes back. And she’s apparently come back to trouble Mark.

In his quest to find out who the girl is and what she wants from him, Mark is forced to confront a question even more troubling—what happened to her? For this girl isn’t all she seems to be.

Before the summer is well underway, Mark realizes he must solve the answers concerning the girl on his own. To protect his wife Rachel, to keep the Kinner Springs PD at bay, and to start the simple life he and Rachel dreamed their new home in Kinner Springs would give them.

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