C. E. Stocker grew up in a small town in west Tennessee, where he spent a lot of his time with a book in his hands and a dream to see the world in his head. His first attempts at writing fiction came when he decided to rewrite the stories he found in his parents’ collection of Reader Digest’s Condensed Books (does anyone remember those?). In high school, he tried his hand at writing his own stories, and once bitten by the writing bug, he continued the pursuit.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the early nineties, he moved to Nashville. He started working in the computer industry to pay the bills, found he enjoyed the industry enough to keep at it when the bills became more manageable. Writing was pushed to the side, until nearing forty, he decided to give it another go and received his Master’s in English/Creative Writing from nearby Austin Peay State University.

Since then, he’s been writing whatever he pleases and enjoying it immensely. Bring Laura Back is the first novel to be completed in the Kinner Springs Ghost Mystery series, which he hopes to continue until the stories run out. At present, that looks to be a long time coming.

He loves to travel–that other dream of seeing the world also stayed with him. So far, he counts England, Scotland, Ireland, Paris, Egypt, Rome, Italy, Greece, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, and China on the list of exciting and amazing places he’s been. And hopes to at least double the list before his traveling days are through.

He lives west of Nashville with his girlfriend Cate and their two cats and a dog. He loves baseball–a shared dream with Cate is to see a game in every Major League park. They’re about ten percent of the way there.

Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy my work.